The InteliCare Solution.

Technology for a rapidly evolving landscape.

InteliCare provides real-time information on your in-home client's activity and other indicators, to help care professionals define, monitor and assess care plans and strategies.

A simple to use dashboard provides a 24/7 view of client's wellbeing with potential issues or alerts highlighted for escalation by a care contact centre, a mobile carer or first responder.

From day one, InteliCare builds a profile of what a normal domestic routine looks like for each home. Using advanced analytics, the system can quickly identify when something unusual occurs, sending notifications or alerts to the nominated persons.

The system supports remote assist (intercom) calls into the home when alerts are received from a pendant or identified by the system. The InteliCare App enables the care team and family to easily see in real-time when an alert has been responded to, by who, with notes on the event recorded for future reference.

Our 24/7 Operations Centre ensures all systems are operating and maintained effectively.

How it works.

A cornerstone of our approach is to work closely with our clients to ensure the solution is seamlessly integrated into the client's operational model and other care support systems. We understand that different scenarios and circumstances require different approaches and solutions. Our local team of enterprise software development specialists are able to innovate rapidly as new technologies emerge, wearable health devices mature and new sensors become available, ensuring a dynamic, constantly evolving product that expands to fit your needs.

Capabilities & Insights.

Abnormal inactivity

  • Failure to get up
  • Reduced activity within the home
  • Increased night-time activity or changes in sleeping patterns

Unexpected activity

  • Late night external door open
  • Reduced use of domestic appliances
  • Extended shower time


  • Meal preparation
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Domestic activities (washing etc.)


  • In-app messaging and reminders
  • Visitor detection
  • Reduced contact (social isolation warning)


  • Reduced risk of falls via intelligent lighting
  • Alert for smoke alarm


  • Remote audio (intercom) connection from app or phone
  • Real-time group update for alert response


  • Integrated duress solutions with GPS
  • SMS and in-app notifications of alerts

Benefits for your organisation.

As well as improving the safety and wellbeing of your clients, the analytics and reporting capabilities of InteliCare support the transition from reactive to truly proactive care. Enhanced visibility into the home routine, activity trends and event histories enable care professionals to guide conversations, improve care plans and enhance quality of life for their clients.

Retirement Living

  • Improve safety for residents
  • Better able to execute duty of care
  • Detect issues and react quickly
  • Increased focus on prevention & proactive care
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Point of market differentiation


  • Improve levels of proactive care & quality of services
  • Access to insights that can improve care outcomes
  • Ability to get additional data with regards to effectiveness of recovery or rehabilitation plans
  • Ability to extend package offerings or differentiate from competitors
  • Improve conversations with clients and family
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Staff labour savings
  • Free up capacity for patients with higher care requirements

Leading the way in Australia.

At InteliCare, we pride ourselves on leading the way in the field of intelligent aged care support technology. Our strong partnerships with health agencies and industry stakeholders has allows us to build the most comprehensive, smart monitoring solution on the market today.

Product Features
Household routine profiling
Full featured care provider dashboard
Real-time event/response tracking
In-home text messaging/reminders
Intercom for emergency contact
Safety lighting and smoke alarm

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