Peace of mind at the touch of a button

App users receive regular updates when everything is OK and alerts when there’s a problem. The app visualises recent activity and InteliLiving’s advanced analytics will flag if there’s a potential decline in physical or mental wellbeing.


Apple & Android

The InteliLiving app is available from both the App Store and Google Play. Families, carers, neighbours, health professionals and any other members of the care team can use the app on multiple devices to feel connected, so there’ll always be someone alerted to a potential issue who can act, and responsibility is shared.

Download and install the InteliLiving App

Our app is available for Android (4.1 or newer) and iOS devices (iOS 9.0 or newer).
Please note that hardware and subscription purchase is required to set up a household.

Desktop Portal for Professionals

InteliCare’s provider portal ‘InteliCare Pro’ simplifies the monitoring data for all residents in one easy-to-use dashboard. Staff can quickly see where to prioritise care and view detailed reports on each resident. InteliCare will provide the login details upon setup.

Learn more about InteliCare Pro