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InteliLiving provides families with flexibility and reduces the pressure to move seniors into full-time care. Supply clients with the most innovative solution to help them remain in their own home for longer.

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Support independent living for people with disability and avoid full-time care. InteliCare is an NDIS provider and can supply InteliLiving under NDIS funding for approved participants.

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Increase quality of care

InteliLiving can be combined with InteliCare Pro (a professional-level dashboard for business) to ensure care is highly aligned to a client’s needs. If a decrease in mobility is detected, or a client is showing increased bathroom use for example, then the right clinical professional can be rostered to respond. Providers can increase high-quality care delivery.


Increase compliance to care plans

InteliCare Pro has built in reporting and audit functions to ensure the care plan is demonstrably aligned to need. It becomes less “set and forget” after the initial assessment. Care plans evolve as the client’s care requirements change, increasing compliance, but more importantly making the client’s quality of living better.


Increase productivity

InteliCare Pro allows care providers to manage more clients at once. It triages care needs so staff can concentrate on clients who need in-home visits most. This ensures the HCP can be spent efficiently and last longer.

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Decrease risk

Wearables and pendants don’t adequately manage the risk of a client’s fall or passing going undetected for extended periods. InteliLiving’s solution gives carers, families, and other members of the care team peace of mind that the safety and dignity of a client is being managed to the greatest extent possible. The backstop for detecting an incident is more than just a welfare check.


The industry-leading solution that works to prevent accidents and emergencies, not just respond to them.

“It’s a relief that I know someone is watching mum when I’m not here”

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Best in Market

InteliLiving’s advanced analytics are what set it apart from other home monitoring. InteliLiving’s AI identifies when residents are at risk.

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Enable Independent Living

Users of InteliLiving can live the life they want and can stay active and social in their community.

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Confident & Safe

Families and residents love the reassurance that InteliLiving offers and know they won’t be left to worry or stress.

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Latest Technology

InteliLiving is on the cutting edge of smart technology and is the future for supported independent living for seniors and people with disability.

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We find that for true peace of mind monitoring, the InteliCare system sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behaviour monitoring, backed with great local support and willingness to adapt the system, we are confident in offering the system to our residents.

— Colin, SwanCare