Lifestyle villages have the benefit of being able to either on-sell or supply InteliLiving products to residents and their families, as well as be able to harness the power of InteliCare Pro to analyse insights at a overall village level if required.

Families take responsibility

InteliLiving’s discreet smart sensors and advanced analytics provide families and carers with real-time data so they take responsibility for the resident’s wellbeing. This helps them prevent unusual activity, de-risks the Village, and avoids operations managers getting stuck in the middle.

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Avoid consequences of a prolonged undetected fall

In the event of a fall, 80% of people don’t use a duress pendant and many families don’t feel like 100% confident they will be activated. With InteliLiving installed, the fundamental flaws with pendants and wearables are overcome.

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Maintain a resident’s lifestyle

With InteliLiving watching over their parent or grandparent like a guardian angel, families and seniors feel confident they can live independently in lifestyle villages and not move straight into an aged care independent living unit.

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Help residents remain independent and in their community with InteliLiving

“It is a weight off my shoulders.”

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Affordable for Residents

Cheaper than a carer or moving to an aged care facility, InteliLiving helps residents stay active in a village environment.

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Peace of Mind

Reduce the stress and worry of families with ageing parents; they’ll be able to check the app 24/7.

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Avoid an Emergency

Families and carers will be notified to signs of an emergency and be able to act to help the resident.

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Easily Installed

InteliLiving can be installed by anyone and there are no technical requirements of the home.

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We find that for true peace of mind monitoring, the InteliCare system sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behaviour monitoring, backed with great local support and willingness to adapt the system, we are confident in offering the system to our residents to provide great in-depth monitoring and quickly raising alerts to any potential issues.

– Colin, SwanCare