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InteliCare customers, Tony and Rosa, explain how they use InteliLiving and how it’s changed how they communicate.

Tony finds the app easy to use and Rosa feels secure knowing her sons are caring for her.

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Small sensors designed for privacy

There is no need for cameras or microphones with InteliLiving®. Instead, discreet sensors are placed around the home, in doorways and on key appliances, designed to gather information on movement, activity levels, temperature and more. The software uses this to relay information about behaviour such as sleeping patterns, social outings, meal preparation, and any potential health issues.

Just like an in-house carer, without the cost.

  • This system gives me reassurance to know that if I have a fall I am being monitored daily. It allows me to stay in my own home for longer, which helps me to stay independent.


    by Maureen

Meet the InteliHub

The InteliHub is the heart of InteliLiving®. Family members, carers, and other members of the care team can text messages through, while reminders can also be set for appointments or to take medication, which are then displayed on the clear screen.

Stay connected, without having to check-in continuously.


The App

At any time, the care team can access the app and its advanced analytics, which provides them with information to make decisions around physical and mental health. Daily updates confirm everything is OK, while alerts indicate when there are potential problems that should be looked into.

24/7 access for family, friends and carers.

See how the app works


Did you know that in 80% of the falls, people with alarms didn’t use them, and 27% resulted in the person laying on the floor for 1+ hours.

If a fall does occur and a duress device is out of reach, not worn, and unable to be pressed, having InteliLiving® in the home can reduce response times.

InteliLiving becomes a safety net and sends an alert whenever someone is not up and about, as usual, the next morning, providing reassurance that changes in behaviour won’t go undetected for days.

Giving everyone peace of mind

Prevent falls or emergencies by getting alerted to declines in mental and physical health before an incident happens.

Check eating and sleeping habits

Changes in daily activities like sleep patterns and meal preparation are early warning signs of a decline in health. InteliLiving’s smart sensors monitor sleep patterns and kitchen appliances like kettles, fridges and microwaves alert the care team to non-activity, which could indicate potential problems.



Is social isolation a concern?

Front and back door sensors provide insights into how often, when, and for how long an individual leaves their house. The app can allow family members and carers to make sure they are attending appointments and having regular outings.

InteliLiving® will provide notifications if normal weekly outings decrease, or if they might be socially isolating themselves. App users can also see if individuals are away from the house for an excessive period of time, and can follow up.

Is the house too hot or cold?

Extreme temperatures can put undue health stress on an elderly person or person with disability. By monitoring the home’s temperature, it’s easier to avoid a situation that could lead to a serious health incident.

Vital bathroom routines, with privacy

A hospital admission can start with something as simple as a bladder infection, which leads to delirium and a fall. InteliLiving® gathers information on nighttime bathroom visits, and reports if these are outside the normal behaviour. The care team are notified if bathroom visits increase, and can provide vital early intervention.

Check in on the sensor and pendant status

A key concern of pendant use and other sensors is that users or the care team may not realise that they have run out of battery or are offline, causing serious problems should an emergency occur. InteliLiving® does all of the work. It’s set and forget and will send an alert to the app if a sensor is off-line, the internet or power fails, or a battery is running low.

What if something is wrong?

When an unusual change from the user’s routine is detected, the care team will receive an app notification. By opening the easy-to-use InteliLiving® app, the care team can clearly view recent activity and assess if action needs to be taken to support the individual.

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InteliCare app screen 0 - Dashboard
InteliCare app screen 1 - Activity InteliCare app screen 3 - Climate InteliCare app screen 4 - Sleep InteliCare app screen 6 - Meals InteliCare app screen 7 - Notifications InteliCare app screen 8 - System Health

Getting Started With InteliLiving

Click on the stages below to see how you can get started with InteliLiving® and use smart home monitoring to receive updates on health, safety and wellbeing.

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  • Easily install InteliLiving
  • Connect to the app for 24/7 access
  • Allow InteliLiving to start learning daily routines
  • Receive daily wellbeing updates and alerts

Free shipping and no lock-in contract

InteliLiving is available now and can be fully funded by a care package – so you’re not out of pocket.

Each package comes with smart home sensors and a monthly subscription for accessing the app with unlimited users.

Connect your family with InteliLiving.

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Easily install InteliLiving

The InteliLiving sensors can be easily installed DIY-style if there is easy access to the different doorways, windows, and appliances that need to be monitored, through our detailed instruction guide.

Alternatively, we offer installation services from professionals who can identify the perfect location to install the sensors for the most accurate information gathering.


Connect to the app for 24/7 access

Access the app at any time to see an overview of the general wellbeing and health of the individual, and easily click through on each section to gain deeper insights through the visual, easy-to-understand graphs.

Multiple people can access the app at any time, keeping everybody in the loop and allowing peace of mind for the individual and their care team.

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Allow InteliLiving to start learning daily routines

From installation, InteliLiving’s Artificial Intelligence learns what is a normal routine for an individual – when they wake up and go to sleep, how often and when they eat, how often they leave the house, normal bathroom routine, and more. All of which can be early indicators of health issues.

This is then relayed into behavioural data – for example, the motion sensor on the front door indicates that the person is leaving for a social outing. If the front door motion sensor hasn’t been activated for a few days, social isolation could be an area of concern.


Receive daily wellbeing updates and alerts

If InteliLiving detects a change in the routine, such as an individual’s use of a microwave to heat up meals decreasing from five to two times per day, a notification appears in the app. Members of the care team, including health professionals, can then analyse the data in detail, and look into potential problems such as thyroid disorders, kidney failure, liver disease, or dementia.

To help prevent unnecessary worry for carers and family members, daily app notifications let everyone know that the individual is OK.

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receive daily wellbeing updates and alerts

This system gives me reassurance to know that if I have a fall I am being monitored daily. It allows me to stay in my own home for longer, which helps me to stay independent.

– Maureen

The InteliCare app gives me peace of mind to know that I am able to check on mum whenever I feel the need. I’m not worrying constantly about how she is going as I am able to check my app. It is very simple to use and a fantastic system to have installed in elderly people’s homes, I highly recommend it.

– Helen, Maureen’s daughter