Seniors living with confidence

Choosing between staying at home or moving to aged care is a stressful decision, but smart home monitoring for the elderly gives seniors and their families peace of mind to live at home, even if it’s alone.

What is home monitoring for elderly people living alone?

Smart monitoring for seniors uses small sensors (not cameras) in the home to help detect and prevent falls risks and other health risks before they happen.

You’ll receive updates and notifications from your parent’s home monitoring system in an easy-to-understand app.

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Home monitoring vs an emergency alarm

InteliCare’s home system is designed to help prevent risks, not just detect when there’s an emergency.

In 80% of falls, elderly emergency alarms aren’t activated

If an elderly emergency alarm is out of reach, not charged, not worn, or unable to be pressed, you won’t be alerted.

InteliCare overcomes these obstacles with an always-on monitoring system that doesn’t require activation or charging.


Is InteliCare right for your family?

We built InteliCare for our families, now we’re sharing it with yours.

The result is a home monitoring solution unmatched in the market for early prevention of emergencies for elderly people living alone.

Get back to loving conversations

By using the app to check in on your parent’s wellbeing, your catch-ups with them can return to being joyful chats, not quizzing them on their health.


What do seniors think of smart home monitoring?

We find most seniors embrace InteliCare as a solution to help them stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Here are the top reasons seniors like InteliCare:
  1. No cameras. 
  2. Avoiding aged care.
  3. If they do have a fall and don’t activate an alarm, they won’t be helpless.
  4. Eases stress in family relationships.
  5. Fully funded by Home Care Packages or NDIS.
  6. No activation or charging means there’s nothing new to learn.
Hear from InteliCare customer, Irene.

NDIS and Home Care Package Eligible

InteliCare is an eligible product for a Home Care Package (HCP) or NDIS.

How to get a funded home monitoring system

Seniors can receive funding for the installation, hardware, and subscription of InteliCare, and our team can manage the whole process for you.

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I knew from the app, she’d been moving around in the morning, but in the last hour there was no movement.

Understanding Elderly Home Monitoring

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Peace of Mind

Know that seniors are safe in their homes and that family and carers receive instant alerts to any unusual activity.

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Complete Privacy

Unobtrusive smart sensors, not cameras or microphones, lends to InteliCare’s focus on privacy.

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Ageing Independently in Place

Seniors stay safely within their own home longer without family pressure to relocate to care facility.

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Home Care Packages (HCP)

InteliCare is available through Home Care Packages so, if already assessed, there will be no out-of-pocket expense.

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