No need to sell or relocate

With our smart monitoring sensors and the advanced analytics behind InteliLiving®, parents or grandparents can confidently remain in their own home, knowing InteliLiving is looking out for them should they start to decline or an accident occurs.

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Gain early insights into potential problems

InteliLiving’s advanced analytics and rich graphs on a senior’s movements around the home, appliance use, house temperature, and more, enable members of the care team to act early in supporting them.

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Reduce relationship strain

Daily notifications and alerts remove the need for family and carers to always “check-in” and for the senior to feel like they are being unnecessarily monitored. By using the app to get information about the home owner’s health at any time, conversations and catch-ups can be focused on topics everyone loves, not on quizzing their wellness.


The 24/7 guardian angel you can rely on

Unlike personal duress pendants and wearable alarms, InteliLiving® works 24/7 to keep seniors safe. Importantly, it doesn’t require the alarm to be worn at all times or to be activated by the person in duress. Family can be relieved that we’re always looking out for seniors, with their health, safety and happiness our top priority.

NDIS and Home Care Package Eligible

InteliLiving® is an eligible product if the senior has a Home Care Package (HCP) or NDIS. If the elderly home owner has been assessed and approved for a HCP, they can receive funding for the installation, hardware, and subscription of InteliLiving, and our team can manage the whole process for them.

NDIS approved

In 2019, I had InteliLiving installed for my nan, Lois, over in Perth. Although nan was a little bit worried about the installation of sensors, she quickly found that it didn’t affect her day-to-day at all, and they were actually very subtle, so she wasn’t too concerned there.

We found as a family it mentally helped us coordinate our care, even for me here in Sydney. I could check in and make sure she was all fine and helped us take action if there was ever a need.

It made a really big difference for our family.

– GWS Giant, Matt de Boer

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The leading product that works to prevent accidents and emergencies, not just respond to them.

“More than half (52%) of aged care residents have symptoms of depression, compared with 10-15% of older people living in the community.”

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Peace of Mind

Know that seniors are safe in their home and that family and carers receive instant alerts to any unusual activity.

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Complete Privacy

Unobtrusive smart sensors, not cameras or microphones, lends to InteliLiving’s focus on privacy.

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Ageing Independently in Place

Seniors stay safely within their own home longer without family pressure to relocate to care facility.

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Home Care Packages (HCP)

InteliLiving® is available through Home Care Packages so, if already assessed, there will be no out-of-pocket expense.

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