How can InteliLiving help?

Social distancing and self-isolation for people living alone leaves them vulnerable to an accident, and no one knowing or being able to support them. That’s where InteliLiving can help…

InteliLiving is a guardian angel that lets a person share their wellbeing information with their family or carers.

Families and care providers can easily view real-time information on the person’s activities in their home. From this, InteliLiving learns their regular patterns of behaviour and can identify if something is different.

Watch 9 News’ explanation of InteliLiving and how it is helping people in isolation stay connected with family and carers.

Video: 9 News Perth

How does InteliLiving work?

The InteliLiving app means family and carers can check-in, anytime, anywhere.

Learn more information on how InteliLiving supports people living in isolation or independently from their family or care provider.

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