Promote independent living

Smart monitoring sensors and advanced analytics allow the individual the independence they are craving, while reducing some of the physical and emotional stress of family members and carers.


Identify warning signs of health issues

InteliLiving’s revolutionary technology and rich graphs show changes in behaviour, which members of the care team, including health professionals, can use to look for symptoms of new physical and mental health problems.

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Remove the anguish that comes with change

The InteliLiving system allows people with disability to stay in the familiar surrounds of their own home for longer, removing the stress that comes with a change of environment and house.

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The 24/7 Guardian Angel you can rely on

Unlike personal duress pendants and wearable alarms, InteliLiving works 24/7 to keep people with disability safe. Importantly, it doesn’t require an alarm to be worn at all times or to be activated by the person in duress. Family can be relieved that the home has become a member of the care team and looks after the person they care about.


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NDIS eligible

InteliLiving is an eligible product under the NDIS. If an individual has been assessed and approved by the NDIS, they can receive funding for the installation, hardware, and subscription of InteliLiving, and our team can manage the whole process.

InteliCare is NDIS approved

My Stepmother Bessema lives in an independent living unit in the rural town of Cunderdin. If it weren’t for InteliLiving my Stepmother, who is 96 years old and blind, would have to move into an aged care home.

I’m in Perth, and I know that the InteliLiving app will tell me if I have to check in on my Stepmother.

It gives us both great peace of mind knowing she can live in the country town she loves, and I don’t have to worry about her.

— Julie Douglas

The leading product that works to prevent accidents and emergencies, not just respond to them.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders”

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Peace of Mind

Families know 24/7 that the person they care about is OK in their home, with daily updates and the ability to check in online at any time.

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No cameras

Discreet smart sensors accurately track activity without using cameras, so there’s no invasion of privacy.
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Enabling independence

People with disability are empowered to live safely within their own home longer without pressure to move.

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InteliLiving is available through NDIS. If already assessed, InteliLiving can be NDIS funded.

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