Assistive technology for independent living

The latest in smart home technology supports people with disability to live alone while reducing some of the emotional stress of family members and carers.

How is InteliCare different to other assistive technology?

Unlike emergency alarms and pendants, InteliCare is looking out for people before an emergency happens.

By understanding a person’s home routine, InteliCare will let you know if there are warning signs of a health risk. So you can take action to prevent them.


Home assistive technology with a heart

Unlike other NDIS home modifications, InteliCare is proactive in helping prevent health risks.

Without using cameras or microphones, InteliCare’s tiny sensors can detect the small changes in a daily routine that can indicate a decline in mental or physical health.

This means families won’t be waiting for an alarm to know something is wrong and they won’t need to be constantly checking in to know everything’s ok. The app will do it all for you.


Smart home, smart care

InteliCare helps make the lives of people with and their carers simpler and safer and we understand each person’s situation is unique.

That’s why our NDIS assistive technology is unique to you and your care team. InteliCare can be modified to the house, your routine, and the app is available to your entire care team.

We understand being a carer can be overwhelming. So we’ve made using InteliCare as easy as possible.

Here’s a list of things you don’t need for InteliCare’s assistive technology.

An electrician, a mobile phone or an existing internet connection.


NDIS approved home assistive technology

InteliLiving is an eligible product under the NDIS. If an individual has been assessed and approved by the NDIS, they can receive funding for the installation, hardware, and subscription of InteliLiving, and our team can manage the whole process.

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I am in a wheel chair and I feel much more secure knowing that InteliLiving is looking out for me.

— Ailsa

The leading product that works to prevent accidents and emergencies, not just respond to them.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders”

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Peace of Mind

Families know 24/7 that the person they care about is OK in their home, with daily updates and the ability to check in online at any time.

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No cameras

Discreet smart sensors accurately track activity without using cameras, so there’s no invasion of privacy.
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Enabling independence

People with disability are empowered to live safely within their own home longer without pressure to move.

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InteliLiving is available through NDIS. If already assessed, InteliLiving can be NDIS funded.

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