“I love InteliLiving because I feel more secure”

Irene explains why she chose to get InteliLiving in her home.

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No need to sell or move

Smart monitoring sensors and advanced analytics give family and carers confidence that the smart home is sharing information with them at all times, without any invasion of privacy. Feeling more secure in their own home means there is no need to leave their loved community and lifestyle.

Reduce relationship stress

Daily notifications and alerts to members of the care team, whether that’s family, carers, friends, or health care professionals, remove the need for them to worry about the InteliLiving users unnecessarily. Instead, conversations and catch-ups can be focused on topics everyone loves, not on quizzing their welfare.


The reliable solution that won’t let you down

Unlike personal duress pendants and wearable alarms which need to be charged and worn at all times, InteliLiving’s technology does all the work. The care team will get a notification if there has been any change in routine and can check-in online. If there is the desire to have the added security of a pendant when away from home, that’s available as an integrated add-on.

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Home Care Package Eligible

InteliLiving is an eligible product if an individual has a Home Care Package (HCP) or NDIS. Once assessed and approved, funding can be received and our team can manage the process.

NDIS approved

The leading product that empowers seniors and people with disability, enabling them to be at home, be safe, be confident, and be in control.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders”

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Peace of Mind

Know 24/7 that InteliLiving will detect any changes in routine, and alert the care team as needed.

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No cameras

Discreet smart sensors accurately track activity without using cameras, so there’s no invasion of privacy.

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Enabling independence

Seniors and people with disability are empowered to live safely within their own home longer without pressure to relocate away from their beloved community.

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HCP Eligible

InteliLiving is an eligible HCP product. If already assessed and approved, InteliLiving can be HCP funded.

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