Harness the Power of Live Health Data

InteliLiving® integrates with wearable smart devices to provide real-time health data and insights to assist in caring for the elderly and people with disability.

Utilise smart health and wellbeing monitoring to customise care, maximise government funding, and become an industry leader.

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Intelicare Health Metrics

A Holistic Solution for Maximising Health and Wellness

Enabling care teams to be proactive in improving the health journey of clients



Capture and record health data through wearable smart devices like Fitbit®.



View and track multiple health metrics on daily, weekly, monthly, or longer time frames.



InteliLiving’s® health metrics provides an additional dimension to detect emerging health issues.

Unparalleled Remote Health Insights and Care

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Learn more about how InteliLiving Health Metrics can increase client value and decrease risks.