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  • Daily “Everything is ok” notifications
  • Failure arise at a normal time alerts
  • Home activity and social isolation
  • Meal preparation trends
  • Sleep patterns and nighttime activity
  • High or low room temperatures

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How InteliLiving® works

  1. Step 1 - Install

    1 Install

    Easy, smart sensors with no wiring and no cameras

  2. Step 2 - Learn

    2 Learn

    Our smart 24/7 system learns your routines without invading privacy

  3. Step 3 - Share

    3 Share

    Family receives regular updates and alerts from the app

The leading solution preventing health scares for independent seniors and people with disability


Stay Out of Aged Care

Help your parent stay in their own home. On their own terms.


Check-in 24/7

See live activity and warnings at the tap of a button.


No Nightmare Scenarios

Stop worrying about an undetected fall, accident or health scare.


Care Plans

Buy InteliLiving now and claim through your service provider.

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$33 / week
with no lock-in contract

  • All hardware & software included
  • Cancel & return at anytime
  • Free, no-contact shipping
  • Unlimited app users
  • Free Australian 24/7 support
  • Only $13.85/week after 24 months

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What’s in the box?

Everything you need to receive insights about

  • Failure to arise at normal time red alert
  • Daily ‘everything is okay’ notification
  • Social isolation – real-time and trends over time (door leading off the property)
  • Sleep changes – last night + trends over time
  • Door access to outdoor areas of the property (backyard, laundry area, patio)
  • Meal preparation – real-time + trends over time (fridge, microwave, pantry, cupboard)
  • Nighttime restlessness and wandering – last night + trends over time
  • Room temperature
  • Movement through the home (e.g. bedroom 1, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom 2, patio, hallway)
  • Lack of movement through the home (as above)
  • Nighttime bathroom frequency – last night + trends over time
  • System Health – Sensors offline, system offline (power outage, internet down, sensor batteries, pendant health)


  • 1 Power Sensor
  • 4 Multi Sensors
  • 2 Door Sensors

Batteries included



The InteliHub connects the sensors and shares the information with the app.
The InteliHub also receives text messages.

The InteliHub requires internet access



Unlimited access to the InteliCare app.

Once you receive your package, download the app and connect to the home.

The app visualises recent activity and detects if there’s a potential decline in physical or mental wellbeing.


Why choose InteliLiving?

No lock-in

Cancel & return
at anytime

app users

Free Australian
24/7 support

Price drop
after 24 months

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InteliLiving gives me reassurance to know that if I have a fall I am being monitored daily. It allows me to stay in my own home for longer, which helps me to stay independent.

– Maureen, InteliLiving customer