Technology for Ageing and Disability ACT (TADACT) has partnered with InteliCare to become the first providers of InteliLiving to homes in Canberra.

InteliLivng will allow their customers, seniors and people with disability, to live independently while providing valuable wellbeing insights to carers.

Executive director of TADACT Trudy Taylor said

“Its a non-invasive way to help monitor, so it maintains people’s privacy, but it’s also there as a safety mechanism for those living independently in case they fall or if there’s an incident,”

“It lends itself to children being able to then ring their ageing parents to have conversations about anything else rather than ‘did you do the washing?’ or ‘did you have food today?'”


InteliLiving has been available in other states, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, for some time, providing the technology to Canberrans is a milestone for InteliCare.

TADACT executive Julie Lobel expects ACT will be receptive to the technology given the ACT’s ageing population,

“We’re looking to have it start at around 10 clients in the first month and then 25 per month after that,”

“It will be a great thing for the community in terms of living independently without an alarm.”


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