As InteliCare plans to list on the ASX, CEO and Managing Director, Jason Waller speaks in detail about InteliCare’s home monitoring solution, InteliLiving.

InteliCare’s home product, InteliLiving, uses discreet sensors, not cameras, to learn the usual behaviour of the senior in their home and shares any deviations from the routine with their family or carers. This gives families and carers advanced warnings of deterioration and gives them time to act before a fall or emergency.

The new solution is aiming to become the market leader for preventative technology and alert systems for seniors. Duress pendants and emergency alarms for seniors are the current preferred product for ageing parents that want to remain in their home but in recent years confidence in these products has diminished and consumers are looking for a better solution.

In the current world of COVID-19 and self-isolation, solutions like InteliLiving has never been more needed to support our ageing population that are remaining in their homes.

Listen to the full interview in the video above.