Within hours on listing on the ASX, aged care technology company, InteliCare has increased 50 per cent from its listing price. InteliCare uses smart home sensors to track the wellbeing of seniors or people with disability in their own home, prolonging their independence and providing a safety net for accidents.

InteliCare defied the odds by listing during COVID-19 restrictions and could be the only company to list for some time. InteliCare CEO and Managing Director, Jason Waller, wasn’t surprised at the strong debut, saying

“We did the groundwork, had a great product with healthcare and technology aspects, and a great team to execute. At times it felt like we were in a cyclone, but it’s turned out to be a strong tailwind,”

Prior to InteliCare’s listing, Mr Waller spoke with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to discuss the unique position InteliCare was in following the coronavirus pandemic.

“We think we can be an important isolation tool for the state and federal government. We believe that people are going to be triaged, and the hospital system overloaded so people will be forced to go home and if they are showing symptoms, there is a duty of care for us to look after them and monitor them,”