InteliCare Pro is a value-adding product for professional care organisations to gain a global view of all InteliLiving users and derive greater insights and benefits. Discover how, by combining InteliLiving and InteliCare Pro, providers can take their care to the next level.

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Become a leader in aged care and disability

Use industry-leading and government-approved aged care and disability technology to supply staff with the tools they need to deliver effective and efficient care.

Act when it matters

InteliCare Pro’s triage dashboard allows you to quickly identify issues and prioritise care to reduce the risk of an emergency. At a glance, staff are easily able to see the number of alerts and the recommended response level.

Comprehensive smart monitoring

Discreet sensors, not cameras, are placed in rooms, on doors, and on appliances giving staff unparalleled insight into clients’ wellbeing. InteliCare’s AI learns each person’s daily routine and detects declines in activity, sleep patterns, social activity, climate and meal preparation.

Reporting and accountability

Improve accountability, compliance to the Aged Care Quality Standards and give peace of mind to families with visible reporting and audit trails.

Health metrics

InteliLiving® integrates with wearable smart devices to provide real-time health data and insights to assist in caring for the elderly and people with disability.

Utilise smart health and wellbeing monitoring to customise care, maximise government funding, and become an industry leader.


Proactive care for your residents

Understand each client’s daily activity via detailed graphs and provide preventative care, rather than reactive. Clients and families feel safer, more confident and happier knowing that your service is supporting them and delivering the highest level of care.

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InteliCare Pro dashboard for a household

We find that for true peace of mind monitoring, the InteliCare system sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behavior monitoring, backed with great local support and willingness to adapt the system, we are confident in offering the system to our residents to provide great in-depth monitoring and quickly raising alerts to any potential issues.

— SwanCare, 2019