InteliLiving is unmatched in the market as a product that enables early prevention of emergencies for at-risk people living independently

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People want to stay at home longer. But concerns around safety and wellbeing mean this isn’t always possible.

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There is a caregiver crisis, where the demand for carers is increasingly outweighing the supply.

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Family caregiving places strains on relationships, and has physical, emotional, and financial consquences.

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Australians want ‘active ageing’ with an emphasis on improving the quality of life as we age, not accepting a decline in it.

“We find that for true peace of mind monitoring, the InteliCare system sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behaviour monitoring, backed with great local support”

— SwanCare

InteliLiving has been designed as the solution, providing peace of mind and improving quality of life for those living independently at home

5.4 million

The number of Australians who will be over 65 by 2030

This ageing population will place a large demand on resources.

1 million

The number of Australians who will be over 85 by 2039

Aged care facilities will not be able to support this number of seniors.

9 months

How long 40% of senior Australians wait for aged care

Until then, there is no solution for them to live confidently on their own.

34 months

The average wait time to receive the highest level of Home Care Package

Most Australians can’t afford to live this long without affordable solutions to improve their lives.

How does InteliLiving set the standard for a better quality of life?

By supporting independent living, family, carers, seniors, and people with disability can be happier and confident knowing that InteliLiving’s technology is dedicated to making their lives better.

Discreet monitoring without invading privacy

Discreet monitoring without invading privacy

No cameras are used. Instead, passive smart sensors are attached to doorways, windows, and appliances to gather information.

Active accident prevention

Active accident prevention

Rich data provides insights into behaviour, which is used to determine if there are health declines occurring that might result in an accident in the near future. Action can then be taken to get health back on track.

NDIS & HCP compliant

NDIS & HCP compliant

InteliLiving’s products, subscription and installation can be fully funded to assessed and approved applicants under HCP and NDIS.

No charging required

No charging required

Plugged directly into the electricity socket or with batteries, InteliLiving will continue to run so there is no need to rely on devices being charged for monitoring to take place.If sensor batteries run low, the care team get a warning on the app.

Empowers independent living

Empowers independent living

Every Australian deserves the right to live in their own home independently, while feeling safe that they are being looked after. InteliLiving allows them to maintain control of their lives, acting as a guardian angel in the background.

Daily wellbeing app updates

Daily wellbeing app updates

Family and carers get daily app updates showing the status of meal preparation, movement around the house, social outings, house temperature, and more.

Stay at home safer for longer

Stay at home safer for longer

Having an intelligent support system in place delays or avoids the need for seniors and persons with disability to be moved into care facilities. If that decision needs to be made, there is data to support this decision, reducing emotional turmoil.

Send notifications through the home hub

Send notifications through the home hub

Send text messages, and notify of appointments and reminders through the InteliHub.

24/7 physical and mental health monitoring

24/7 physical and mental health monitoring

The areas tracked are designed to indicate declines in both physical and mental health. This is important when mental health issues in particular may be harder to pick-up through regular conversations.

Alerts to check-in

Alerts to check-in

InteliLiving will send escalating alert notifications if it detects there are changes in behaviour which could require a response from a family member or carer.

Early prevention to avoid emergencies

Don’t wait for an emergency to take action to support someone’s wellbeing. InteliLiving is the smart, innovative solution whose behavioural data can help prevent falls or accidents at home, while also understanding how mental or social health might be declining.

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Our Stories

Young man

How InteliLiving helped me to detect a fall of my grandmother

I checked the InteliLiving app in the morning and could see my Nan, Lois had commenced her day and I was due to take her out for lunch later that day.

I decided I wanted to go over earlier with my daughter for brunch so decided to ring Lois to set this up however she did not answer and I thought she may have gone out for a coffee with her friends.

I then checked the InteliLiving app again and could tell there had been no movement for a long period of time and became concerned so I drove straight over to find her laying in the bedroom post a fall. She was very relieved naturally to have me come and find her which would been much longer had I not had the InteliLiving app.

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Young woman

Thanks to InteliLiving Susan is worrying less about her mother

Susan lives in Toodyay and her mother Nella lives alone in Mirrabooka.

Nella has been feeling unsteady and her daughter Susan worries being so far away means her mother won’t have a way to get help if something happens.

One morning Susan couldn’t reach her mother by phone and worried about her safety. To check on her mum, Susan took the day off work and drove 2 hours to Mirrabooka. On the drive, all Susan could think about was if her mum was hurt or injured and trying to call for help.

When Susan was close to Nella’s house, she got a call from her mum. She was fine and returning the many missed calls. After installing InteliLiving, Susan has a weight off her shoulders knowing that InteliLiving is always there letting her know that things are OK, and will alert her if she needs to take action. Meanwhile Nella is happier that Susan doesn’t need to worry unnecessarily, and feels safer in her own home with InteliLiving looking out for her.

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SwanCare logo

How InteliCare is bringing peace of mind to this WA care organisation

SwanCare is a fully integrated care organisation providing a number of services for older Australians at our large 15 hectare site in Bentley, WA. The InteliCare platform seemed like an ideal system for us to test out for monitoring the in-home activity of our residents and in particular raise alerts when regular behaviour patterns change, potentially indicating an issue such as sickness or a fall.

Our staff were confident with the information they received from the system, and felt that they had a good idea on the activity level of each resident and were able to assist with any issues that came up. One of the key features of the system is to identify when a resident has fallen and provide assistance quicker.

We’ve also had a great feedback from family members monitoring the activity from their own mobile phones as well – they felt that they had a better idea on the health and safety of their loved one, and had better piece of mind over their care.

We find that for true peace of mind monitoring, the InteliCare system sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behaviour monitoring, backed with great local support and willingness to adapt the system, we are confident in offering the system to our residents to provide great in-depth monitoring and quickly raising alerts to any potential issues.

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