InteliLiving® benefits

Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming at times, and impact on your relationships. InteliCare connects families and helps you worry less, and care more, about the things that really matter.

Sensors & App

Smart technology that learns your routines and lets you know if anything is cause for concern, without losing privacy or independence.

Live insights and “All Okay” updates

Stay connected with daily updates to let you both know everything’s fine.

It’s a small notification that will have a big impact on your family’s peace of mind. With the InteliCare app, you’ll stay connected 24/7 and won’t strain the relationship with constant check-ins and worry.

Help detect health risks and falls

Stay on top of emergency events with live data, from connected elderly alarm devices and smart sensors that allows InteliLiving® to let you know if there’s any problems. Stay out of residential aged care longer, and live at home safely with confidence.

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Have Funding from a Home Care Package or NDIS?

InteliLiving® can be 100% paid from your package

If you have a My Aged Care package (Home Care Package or Commonwealth Home Support Program) or are NDIS funded, we can help you receive InteliLiving® from your provider.

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How InteliCare helps families

“The InteliCare app gives me peace of mind to know that I am able to check on mum whenever I feel the need. I’m not worrying constantly about how she is going.”

— Helen

“I feel much more secure knowing that InteliLiving is looking out for me.”

— Ailsa

“When I talk to my friends both elderly and those with elderly parents they loved the idea of independence without the pressure of having to check on them physically every day.”

— Diane

“We found as a family it mentally helped us coordinate our care, even for me here in Sydney. I could check in and make sure she was all fine and helped us take action if there was ever a need.

It made a really big difference for our family.”

— Matt de Boer, GWS Giant

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happy InteliLiving user worries less

Worry less, and care more.

There’s nothing more important than peace of mind for you, and your family.

We can help you on your family’s care journey, and help you decide if InteliLiving® is right for you. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat to one of our local team to find how InteliCare can help you worry less today.

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How peace of mind helps everyone

Worrying about a elderly parent or person with disability living independently can put a huge strain on the family relationships, especially with today’s busy pace of life. With InteliCare, you can spend more quality time together, while taking the worry away from parents and loved ones as you stay in touch with each other. InteliCare can detect incidents and even help prevent falls or other health risks, by alerting you to declines in mental and physical wellbeing before an incident happens.

Check in on daily habits

Changes in daily activities, like sleep patterns and meal preparation, are often early warning signs of a decline in health. InteliLiving’s® smart sensors monitor sleep patterns, activity routines and kitchen appliances like kettles, fridges and microwaves. These will automatically alert the care team to any changes in behaviour, which could indicate potential problems. You’ll be the first to know when something starts to go wrong.

Help with mental wellbeing as well as physical

Unlike old-fashioned pendants or similar elderly alarm devices, the InteliLiving® system can provide a much more holistic view of a person’s overall wellbeing and habits. Front and back door sensors provide insights into how often, when, and for how long someone leaves their house. The app allows family members and carers to make sure they are attending appointments and having regular outings.

InteliLiving® will let you know if normal weekly outings decrease, or if a loved one might be at risk of social isolation. You’ll also be able to see if a loved one is away from the house for an excessive period of time, and follow up.

Check temperature and the environment

Extreme temperatures can put health stress on an elderly person or person with disability. By monitoring the home’s temperature, it’s easier to avoid a situation that could lead to a serious health incident.

Safety and independence, without losing privacy

A hospital admission can start with something as simple as a bladder infection, which could lead to a late-night fall. InteliLiving® gathers information on nighttime bathroom visits, and lets you know if these are unusual or cause for concern. The care team are notified if bathroom visits increase, and can provide vital early intervention.

Check the status of sensors and pendants, 24/7

One of the major concerns of elderly alarm or pendant use and other types of wearables technology is that customers or the care team may not realise they have run out of battery or are offline, causing serious problems in case of an emergency. InteliLiving® does all of the work to report on its status 24/7, so you never have to worry. It’s a true set-and-forget system, that monitors and advises if a sensor is offline, the internet or power fails, or a battery is running low.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If an unusual change in the customer’s routine is detected, carers and the family will receive an app notification. Through the InteliLiving® app, you will be able to clearly view recent activity, and decide if action needs to be taken. It’s a worry-free approach that allows both carer and loved ones live with confidence.

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