InteliLiving Basics

How will I know my loved one is ok?

It learns daily routines using advanced analytics, detects changes in behaviour which may indicate declines in physical and mental wellbeing.

Every day at 10am you will get an update from the household notifying you that everything is okay. If Inteliliving has detected an emerging issue, it will let you know via a push notification on your smartphone.

If a more serious issue is detected the you will receive an alert via a push notification as well as an SMS.

By sharing rich information through notifications about a person’s movements around the home, appliance use, house temperature, and more, family members and carers can act early in supporting that person, avoiding potential health issues.

At any time of the day you can open the mobile phone InteliLiving app and see how your family member is going. InteliLiving is sharing information in real time through the app.

How does InteliLiving know when there’s a problem?

InteliLiving spends the first week or so gathering information from the sensors in the house and creates an understanding of the daily living routine based on activity time and normal movement in the house. It then uses Artificial Intelligence to compare the information each day and detects changes from that normal routine.

How does InteliLiving report a problem?

InteliLiving shares and reports problems through the InteliLiving mobile phone app. Every day at 10am you will get an update from the household notifying you that everything is okay.

For issues requiring attention, you will get a pop-up Warning in the phone’s notifications.

For more serious issues you will receive an Alert which gives another pop-up but also a text message to your number.

At any point, you can open the app and see any active areas of concern by seeing that a tile is Orange (Warning) or Red (Alert).

Does InteliLiving use cameras?

InteliLiving does NOT use cameras. There are no cameras in any of our hardware.

How many people can view the InteliLiving app?

Each household can have as many people using the app as you wish to approve for no additional cost.

What does InteliLiving monitor and display?

InteliLiving shares information about daily activity, like movement through the house, front door and back door exit, meal preparation (use of fridge and appliances like kettle, microwave, etc).

This information is gathered and then shared to show level of usage, sleep start/stop time and length, bathroom usage at night and meal preparation during the day. InteliLiving can also tell if the home is occupied or empty and alert to a potential social isolation issue.

The motion sensors check on the temperature in each room and alert when those temperatures fall or rise above specific levels.

Can there be more than one person living in the house with InteliLiving installed?

Yes. We have houses with more than one occupant. This might be a live in carer or two individuals who are being looked after remotely.  If the individuals have their own bedroom and bathroom, then that information is shared back from the household. However, if they share the same bedroom and bathroom, then the system will share back information, but not identifiable by individual. We do not include any cameras in InteliLiving, so it isn’t invasive.

The household information that is shared includes overall level of movement, meal preparation and other actions, and identifies if this is lower or higher than normal.

What if there are pets that live in the home with InteliLiving installed?

Pets are a great company in the home, and we are happy to accommodate them in the house. For pets that stay in one area (fish, hamsters, outdoor pets) there would be no changes. For dogs and cats, you may choose to raise the viewing area of the motion sensor so they can run underneath unseen as much as possible.

Does it need any maintenance or what happens if it breaks down?

The system requires no maintenance from the occupant or users. If for some reason it goes off-line, such as a power or internet failure, or there is a problem with a sensor, it will send a notification to app users in the care team.

What happens if the batteries run out?

Battery replacement is the responsibility of the customer. When the batteries start to run low you’ll receive a warning message. It is important to keep the batteries replaced to make sure InteliLiving functions correctly. To change the battery, open the notification tile to identify the batteries you’ll need. For each battery/sensor type, we recommend purchasing online, through these suppliers, who can also deliver.


Gen 7 Door sensors only – battery ER14250:

Multi-sensors – battery CR123A


If you have any questions contact [email protected] or 1300 001 145.

What happens if the internet disconnects?

If the internet disconnects the InteliHub will no longer be able to pass the daily information from the household. This will be picked up by the system and the Care Team who are receiving notifications via the InteliLiving app will get an Alert that the InteliHub and sensors may be offline.

At that point, if there are no obvious fixes, please call our Support Team who will get you up and running again.

Once the InteliHub is online again, the sensors will check in and confirm they are online and begin to send the data again.

What doesn’t InteliLiving do?

InteliLiving would love to be able to physically prevent a fall, however this isn’t possible (yet!). What we can do is alert you to changes in the routine that may indicate the higher risk of a fall in the future and give you the opportunity to look at ways in which it could be prevented.

How do I install InteliLiving?

InteliLiving is designed to be easy to install and caters to various levels of ability. All our sensors are battery powered of connect to a standard power point.

There are no home modifications or specialist trades people needed.

There is a DIY installation guide which comes with the purchase of InteliLiving.

InteliLiving App

Where can I download the InteliLiving app?

iOS users can download it from the App Store.

Android users can find it on the Play Store.

How much is the InteliLiving app?

The InteliLiving app is free to unlimited users.

Which devices can run the InteliLiving app?

InteliLiving can run on iOS and Android. It currently can’t run on Windows Mobile devices.

A iOS devices on iOS 9 and above.
Android devices on 6.0.1 and above.

When will I receive app notifications?

Once installed the InteliLiving App will send push messages through the app based on the “Insights” enabled such as Activity, Meals, Sleeping, Climate. If InteliLiving detects information you should be aware of it will send you a push message through the app. This could be a daily information message “Everything appears normal at Pat’s House” or a Notification or Alert such as “Pat did not get out of bed at the expect time of 7am”. You’ll also received messages letting you know if another member of your care team has responded to an InteliLiving Notification or Alert.

How many people can use the app for one home?

Unlimited. We understand that families come an all share and sizes. InteliLiving does not restrict care team membership numbers. Family members, neighbours and carers can be added and removed based on the resident’s needs. For instance, a physiotherapist can be invited for a period of time to share in the activity data to evaluate the effectiveness of a care plan.

How can I delete my account?

In the InteliCare Mobile App tap the three lines in the upper left of the screen and tap “About”, then tap “Delete my account” You will be prompted to confirm.

InteliLiving Pricing & Payment

How much is InteliLiving?

InteliLiving is available is several package choices. To find out more information, contact the InteliLiving Sales Department on 1300 001 145 or [email protected].

How can I pay for InteliLiving?

You can pay using credit card or online bank transfer.

Home Care Packages

Will my HCP pay for InteliLiving?

Yes. You can purchase InteliLiving and have it paid from your Home Care Package, assuming you have funds available.

How do I get InteliLiving with an HCP?

You can either:

  • Have your Care Provider contact InteliLiving and we will arrange the details and invoicing directly with them.
  • Contact InteliCare directly and we will invoice you directly. You will then present to your Care Provider for payment, or if you are self-funded, as per the normal process.

How do I apply for an HCP?

To apply for HCP go to


Will the NDIS pay for InteliLiving?


How do I get InteliLiving with the NDIS?

If you are an eligible NDIS participant, you can ask your Plan Manager (Local Area Coordinator) to include InteliLiving in your plan. It is important to tell them that InteliLiving will enable you to live independently, require less face to face care, and that this is the technology that you NEED to be more independent.

More information here

How do I apply for the NDIS?


When can I cancel?

You can cancel InteliLiving at any time.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you cancel InteliLiving within 24 months of the subscription start date, you’re required to return all hardware in a serviceable condition, excluding normal wear and tear to Intelicare at Intelicare’s cost for shipping, not including any costs associated with uninstalling the Hardware.

Customers are required to pay any costs for hardware not returned or damaged.

How do I cancel my InteliLiving subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 001 145 and asking for the Sales Department.

InteliLiving Pro

How much is InteliLiving Pro?

InteliLiving Pro is for Care and Service Organisations. Pricing is available by contacting InteliLiving sales.

How many people can InteliLiving Pro monitor?


Which operating systems does InteliLiving Pro run on?

InteliLiving Pro runs best on Chrome.

InteliLiving Providers

How do I cancel an InteliLiving Pro subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 001 145 and asking for the Sales Department.

Can I supply InteliLiving Pro?

Yes. To supply InteliLiving to your clients, please contact InteliLiving Sales Department to discuss a distributor or agent agreement.

How can I supply InteliLiving?

To supply InteliLiving to your clients, please contact InteliLiving Sales Department to discuss a distributor or agent agreement.