Don’t just build another SDA development. Build a platform for better SIL and NDIS services.

For SIL providers, InteliCare’s smart care solution provides the 24/7 real-world client intelligence needed to customise care and support. For people with disability, it’s the key to independent living. For SDA housing developers, InteliCare is a unique opportunity to differentiate and elevate specialist disability accommodation developments.


Help disability services providers succeed.

SIL providers are turning to smart home assistive technologies to support their clients. Our InteliCare's analyses the way SIL clients live, identifying patterns of behaviour, trends and changes and providing reports that enable SIL teams to customise and escalate care.

Make your SDA development more saleable.

InteliCare's analytics platform for SDA housing can also assist SIL providers minimise risk and costs and maximise revenues. Add tangible commercial value to developments.


Future-proof your brand and SDA developments.

InteliCare can assist SDA housing and position brands as the leading edge. InteliCare works with organisations to launch plans and provide marketing support to help leverage upcoming developments.

Intelicare B2B dashboard
InteliCare Pro Dashboard

An NDIS-funded analytics platform that elevates your developments and lives.

InteliCare’s technology and predictive analytics platform uses discreet sensors and AI to track activity levels, sleeping patterns and more, identifying worrying trends so SIL providers can adjust care as clients’ needs change.

It’s a completely flexible, scalable system that is ideal for specialist disability accommodation. InteliCare’s industry-leading sensors can be configured and reconfigured to provide deeper data and insights.

Make life easier for SIL providers and yourself.

  • Enable SIL and disability services providers to customise and escalate care.
  • Provide a future-proof foundation SIL providers can build on with their clients.
  • Help disability services providers minimise risks and operating costs.
  • Position your brand and developments as leading edge.
  • Leverage marketing and smart-home design expertise.

We welcome any new technology that is evidence-based and can enable our clients to continue living independently, and without feeling the need to rely on others for constant support or care

Enjoy a competitive edge in the competitive SDA market.

Specialist disability accommodation to suit savvy SIL and disability services providers. Turn market-leading assistive technology to your advantage.

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