One aged care predictive analytics platform. All the client intelligence you need.

InteliCare’s smart care solution for home care providers gives 24/7 data, real-world evidence and deep client trend reports you need to reassess, reset and elevate home care plans.


Open up a world of client intelligence for your team.

Customise and escalate care based on real-world evidence. Help clients stay healthy and independent in their own homes for longer. InteliCare analyses patterns of behaviour and trends, identifying changes so your teams can actively reassess and reset home care plans.


Cut risk and costs. Maximise client retention and revenue.

Meet the Royal Commission’s quality of aged care and quality of life recommendations. Attract new clients and minimise the loss of existing ones to residential aged care. Unlock unspent HCP and CHSP funds, deliver more services, and expand your business.


Provide peace of mind for clients and families.

From detecting incidents to identifying changes in behaviour that may indicate health and hospitalisation risks, InteliCare supports HCP clients’ independence, connecting and providing extra peace of mind for family members through the InteliCare app.

InteliCare Pro Dashboard

Three layers of detection and protection. Endless scalability and potential.

InteliCare’s smart care platform uses discreet sensors to measure and track activity levels, patterns of behaviour, health metrics, sleeping patterns and more.

Home care providers can instantly identify trends and changing patterns of behaviour that may indicate an emerging health risk. It means home care providers can continually review and adjust care as clients’ needs change.

Combine industry-leading sensors in flexible configurations to track and report, and scale up as and when you need broader or deeper data. Connect watches, pendants, wall buttons, and both wearable and non-wearable technology to tap into Health Metrics.

Helping improve clients’ lives and your bottom line.

  • Extend clients’ healthspans with data-driven, proactive, customised care planning.
  • Justify care escalations with real-world evidence and reports.
  • Identify efficiencies, help lower operating costs and streamline care delivery.
  • Leverage unspent HCP funds, increase services and on-sell InteliLiving services.
  • Create a full audit trail and fulfil your Royal Commission compliance obligations.
  • Track and improve health and wellness with Health Metrics insights alongside intelligence on everyday living.

There’s no room for a ‘one size fits’ all approach in today’s marketplace. Every client’s journey to wellbeing and happiness should be as unique as they are. When searching for a technology partner to bring our strategy to life, InteliCare’s capability stood out.

Working with home care providers to improve organisational and care outcomes.

How can smart technology positively impact home care package providers?

Discover how InteliCare’s smart care solution was utilised to benefit staff and care recipients of leading home care providers.

A single aged care predictive analytics platform that changes everything.

Discover how InteliCare's integrated smart home and aged care predictive analytics platform can support your staff while your clients live safely and independently.

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