Home care package providers and care recipients

InteliCare aids home care package providers in providing their clients (and their families) with 360 intelligence and insights to aid seniors to live safely at home for longer, while enjoying their independence and privacy.

Smart analytics highlighting signs of deuteriation that might have been missed. By highlighting signs, that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed, InteliCare empowers Home Care Providers to adapt their care proactively. This means an individual gets help before an incident, increasing their chances of living independently for longer.

Plus, data-driven evidence assists the communication between caregivers and providers to deice on the best method to deliver proactive care for the senior.


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Residential aged care providers and residents

Care for patients 24/7 without invading privacy.

InteliCare works alongside care staff to provide deep resident insights and intelligence to help detect health issues and prevent issues such as falls.

Automated reporting assists with maintaining onmg compliance standards while 24/7 alerts and notifications assist staff in triaging care.


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Disability support services and people with disability

Customised disability support services to improve clients’ health and lives based on real-world evidence and reports. The InteliCare dashboard analyses patterns of behaviours, including during night shifts, and identifies and alerts caregivers to worrying changes so they can respond or escalate support and care, fast.


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Disability housing services and people with disability

Smart home technology and predictive analytics platform uses discreet sensors and AI to track activity levels, sleeping patterns and more, identifying worrying trends so SIL providers can adjust care as clients’ needs change.

It’s a completely flexible, scalable system that is ideal for specialist disability accommodation. Our industry-leading sensors can be configured and reconfigured to provide deeper data and insights. This includes connecting watches, pendants, panic buttons, and both wearable and non-wearable technology to tap into Health Metrics.


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How it works

  1. Step 1 - Install

    1 Install

    Easy, smart sensors with no wiring and no cameras

  2. Step 2 - Learn

    2 Learn

    Our smart 24/7 system learns your routines without invading privacy

  3. Step 3 - Share

    3 Share

    Care team receives regular updates and alerts from InteliCare

Everything you need to receive insights about

  • Failure to arise at normal time red alert
  • Daily ‘everything is okay’ notification
  • Social isolation – real-time and trends over time (door leading off the property)
  • Sleep changes – last night + trends over time
  • Door access to outdoor areas of the property (backyard, laundry area, patio)
  • Meal preparation – real-time + trends over time (fridge, microwave, pantry, cupboard)
  • Nighttime restlessness and wandering – last night + trends over time
  • Room temperature
  • Movement through the home (e.g. bedroom 1, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom 2, patio, hallway)
  • Lack of movement through the home (as above)
  • Nighttime bathroom frequency – last night + trends over time
  • System Health – Sensors offline, system offline (power outage, internet down, sensor batteries, pendant health)

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