Custom NDIS-funded smart care solutions.

InteliCare’s smart care solution can empower disability services providers to deliver 24/7 real-world client intelligence, notifications and alerts that will transform support services and clients’ lives.


Open up a world of client intelligence for your teams.

Customise your disability support services to improve clients’ health and lives based on real-world evidence and reports. InteliCare Pro Dashboard analyses patterns of behaviours, including during night shifts, and identifies and alerts teams to worrying changes so they can respond or escalate support and care, fast.


Lift your commercial game and your brand.

InteliCare can helps differentiate your brand from other disability services providers and attract and retain clients. Uncover insights and provide comprehensive reports that justify changes in care plans, and find more efficient ways to deliver those services, minimising workloads, risks and costs.


Provide control and peace of mind for clients and families.

Help detect falls, incidents and changes in behaviour that may indicate emerging health or hospitalisation risks. Connect families through the InteliCare app, which provides notifications and alerts. Give clients greater peace of mind, choice and control over how and where they live.

InteliCare Pro Dashboard

Funded by the NDIS.
Customised by your teams and clients.

More than simply providing alerts if it looks like a client has suffered a health incident or become immobilised, InteliCare’s NDIS-funded smart care solution and predictive analytics platform provides three levels of data and peace of mind.

Using discreet sensors and AI to track activity levels, sleeping patterns and more, InteliCare’s platform identifies changes and trends, allowing disability services providers to adjust support and care as clients’ needs change.

What’s more, while InteliCare’s desktop dashboard provides a central triage and analytics function, each InteliCare system can be customised. Scale up to provide deeper data and insights with more sensors, pendants, panic buttons and wearable technology, like smartwatches, to tap into Health Metrics.

Improve outcomes for clients and your business.

  • Customise to suit individual clients and personalise their support services.
  • Extend client healthspans with data-driven support services and care planning.
  • Justify disability service escalations with real-world evidence and reports.
  • Generate revenue by on-selling InteliCare services and providing more services.
  • Identify efficiencies, lower operating costs and streamline support services.
  • Track and improve health and wellness with Health Metrics and everyday living data.

We find that for true peace of mind, the InteliCare system  sits up the top – with a large number of optional sensors for behaviour tracking, backed with great local support and willingness to adapt the system.
We are confident in offering the system to our residents to provide great in-depth monitoring and quickly raising alerts to any potential issues.

Assisting caregivers in delivering data driven care. Empowering individuals to live independently.

InteliCare’s desktop dashboard provides a single platform that enables disability service teams to individualise, manage and optimise client support, care, health and happiness.

Put game-changing insights at your fingertips.

Find out more about how our AI-driven analytics platform can help improve client outcomes.

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