• A pilot study has been established by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (“Peter Mac”) to assess the accuracy of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution in two specific settings to the current standard of care in hospital
  • The RPM solution involves software from InteliCare Holdings Limited (“InteliCare”) and hardware from Biobeat Medical, distributed through Matrix Medical Innovations (“Matrix”)
  • Peter Mac is a world leading cancer research, education and treatment centre dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a growth segment for healthcare and is an increasingly important factor in addressing hospital demand, improving care outcomes and enhancing efficiency
  • Healthcare, specifically RPM, is a new vertical for InteliCare demonstrating the broader application of the InteliCare platform
  • The RPM solution being trialled is using InteliCare as the bespoke software platform to provide the analysis and alerts and a wireless, cuffless Biobeat device applied to the chest to measure blood pressure. InteliCare is working closely with Matrix who is as the distributor of the Biobeat device for this project
  • InteliCare and Matrix working collaboratively were chosen by Peter Mac following a review of the RPM market
  • The pilot study is a research grant funded study, over a 9 month period, with 40 patients being recruited to the pilot and will be used as a feasibility for a much larger RPM clinical trial at Peter Mac
  • This study aims to validate the accuracy of the Biobeat device in a clinical environment using InteliCare as the platform and interface to clinical staff in two settings:
    • During exercise testing (ET)
    • Post cancer surgery
  • The use of medical-grade wearable devices in the perioperative period has the potential to improve the detection of complications in the early postoperative period, facilitate early warning of the deteriorating patient and improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs.

InteliCare Holdings Ltd (“ICR” or the “Company”) (ASX: ICR), an Australian software company commercialising its proprietary AI driven InteliCare platform (“InteliCare”) in the aged, disability and health care sectors is pleased to announce it has entered into a Supply Agreement with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (“Peter Mac”) to facilitate a research study using InteliCare as the software provider for a pilot assessing a remote patient monitoring solutions as an alternative to the current standard of care in hospital.

The pilot is the initial phase of a much broader pilot assessing RPM as an alternative care model which can be applied across a number of care settings within Peter Mac.

Healthcare as a vertical, and specifically RPM, is an opportunity for the Company due to the flexible nature of the platform, its bespoke nature, the robustness of the AI and the fact it is agnostic of device. These factors allow for opportunities beyond just Aged and Disability care. Customer segments for RPM include all components of the health care delivery system such as hospitals, central authorities, consumers, residential care, community services, primary care and health insurers.

Daniel Pilbrow, InteliCare CEO, commented: “Remote patient monitoring is a growth segment for health care and is an increasingly important factor in improving patient outcomes, addressing hospital demand and improving efficiency. There are multiple shifts occurring in healthcare that are driving ‘omnichannel’ models of care delivery supported by new care processes, technology systems and interoperable, real-time data which will need a centralised platform that can receive the data, analyse and provide alerts and reports to all stakeholders within the Hospital. This pilot provides InteliCare with the opportunity to extend the role its platform can play into the remote patient monitoring segment. Over the next 3-5 years this segment of the Australian healthcare sector is forecast to grow at between 6.8% – 14.4% CAGR into a ~$1.5bn market underpinned by investment and government policy.”

Furthermore, the customer base for RPM is diverse and broad, requiring evidence, insights and relationships. InteliCare has the expertise, platform and relationships that can test RPM opportunities. This initial pilot is InteliCare’s first strategic step into the healthcare vertical and I am delighted to be working alongside such a globally renowned institution.”

About the Peter Mac pilot
The Peter Mac sponsored study titled, “Remote Monitoring Solutions for Perioperative Patients”, is a phase 1 study assessing Biobeat’s BB-613P device which is a wireless, cuffless device applied to the chest to measure blood pressure, which has already received TGA and FDA approval for use in ambulatory and intensive care settings.

This study aims to validate the accuracy of the Biobeat device in a clinical environment using InteliCare’s platform which has not previously been studied and will be completed over a 9 month period. This is prior to conducting a larger clinical evaluation.

Approved for Release by the Board of Directors.