Last month InteliCare’s CEO and Managing Director, Jason Waller joined a panel comprised of Australia’s industry leaders in health technology to discuss skyrocketing healthcare spending and its impact on the medtech sub-sector.

During this panel discussion hosted by Stockhead, Jason articulates how increased government spending in the healthcare sector has enabled more people to gain access to telehealth technology like InteliCare and in turn provide better home care to the elderly and disabled.

Using artificial intelligence, InteliCare is successfully helping identify events before they occur in the elderly and people with disability by monitoring nutritional issues, early onset of dementia and sleeping patterns. Simultaneously access to this technology for the elderly and people with disability is helping save on health care costs by providing lower-cost care in a more efficient area, the home.

Coupled with the restraints of a COVID-19 health environment it’s no surprise technology enabling no-touch consultancy and remote monitoring has exploded as a preferred means to look after those closest to us and allow them to live independently for longer.

Tune in below to hear the panel discuss this rapidly changing industry and InteliCare’s competitive advantage in the telehealth landscape.