InteliCare CEO, Jason Waller, joined the Alan Jones show to discuss how aged care will benefit from the inclusion of assistive technology.

Watch the full interview below.

Jason discusses how the aged care budget was to provide a comprehensive response for the royal commission, but has fallen short of this promise.

The budget should provide assistive tech that is focused on identifying problems, trigger events and preventing deterioration so that more people don’t end up with residential aged care as their destination.

InteliCare’s assistive technology

InteliCare assists people to stay in their own home and age in place using passive sensors that turn a home into a smart home. Using artificial intelligence, trend data is collected.

This data is displayed on a dashboard and app to showcase to caregivers when anything out of the ordinary is occurring. This helps identify deterioration risks, such as falls from night-time wandering, before they happen. This enables seniors to live in their home for longer and stay out of residential care.

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Originally published on 1.6.22