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Aged Care should be a safety net – Alan Jones interview

InteliCare CEO, Jason Waller, joined the Alan Jones show to discuss how aged care will benefit from the inclusion of assistive technology. Watch the full interview below. Jason discusses how the aged care budget was to provide a comprehensive response for the royal commission, but has fallen short of this promise. The budget should provide… Read more »

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Using technology to break the bias and innovate the care industry

This International Women’s Day we are encouraged to break the bias by elevating and advancing gender parity using technology, while celebrating women forging innovation. Here’s how InteliCare is doing just that for the care industry: Innovating the care industry using technology Care is a female -dominated industry, with a 79% female workforce (WGEA, n.d.). Anecdotally, female… Read more »

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Business News: InteliCare senses aged care need

The royal commission into aged care has uncovered the increasing shortage of aged care services for an ageing population. In a recent interview with Business News, InteliCare CEO, Jason Waller explains how InteliCare is offering a solution to a fast-growing problem for Australians.

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