WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is piloting an innovative assistive technology solution that’s improving safety and independence for aged care residents at Koolberrin Lodge in Narembeen.

The pilot program, which has been running since January 2023, harnesses assistive living technology created by InteliCare, using discreet sensors and emergency alerts to detect incidents earlier and give staff a clearer picture of residents’ daily routines and care needs.

WACHS Executive Director Wheatbelt Rachele Ferrari said:

“The technology allows staff to take proactive action based on resident-specific insights.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to help residents in our aged care facilities live as independently as possible and close to their support networks and loved ones,”

Rachele said.

“By investing in digital opportunities, we’re helping to better support healthy ageing in place for country communities.

“This technology enables more informed care planning between residents, family and staff by providing a better understanding of resident needs.”

Koolberrin Lodge Coordinator Tina Gausden said residents, their families and staff have already started to see the benefits of the technology.

“The technology gives us constant snapshots of a resident’s routine and activity without having to wait for more obvious signs of changes which means we can take a proactive approach to their care,”

Tina said.

“The technology allows us to view and understand residents’ activity levels. Some of our residents have told us they are having higher quality of sleep as the technology reduces night-time disruptions from staff, and it gives them greater peace of mind.”

The use of this innovate technology aligns with WACHS’ Digital Innovation Strategy and recommendations from the Sustainable Health Review and Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

This article was originally published by WA Country Health Service 26.06.2023.