InteliCare, an Australian-based smart care solutions company for the aged care, disability care, and health sectors, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the JNC Technologies Group Holdings.

This collaboration aims to revolutionise care quality and management by combining InteliCare’s cutting-edge SaaS solution with JNC Technologies Group’s established market presence.

The partnership will see the launch of Habitat+, a transformative data and analytics platform that seamlessly integrates InteliCare’s advanced software.

Habitat+ empowers individuals and their care networks with both passive and active approaches to aging care management, enhancing the quality of life for seniors and those in need of specialised care.

This data-driven approach to care management can enhance communications between care providers, family members and seniors. This allows for evidence-based collaborative decisions, allowing for proactive care that combats the risks of falls, incidents and illness.

JNC Technologies Group’s extensive client base boasts multiple prominent aged care providers. This serves as a solid foundation for the partnership’s success.

By synergising InteliCare’s technological prowess with the JNC’s industry influence, Habitat+ is poised to drive positive care outcomes, augment revenue streams, and introduce a comprehensive solution.

Daniel Pilbrow, CEO of InteliCare, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am delighted to have entered into this agreement with JNC Technologies and look forward to completing the binding agreement and getting InteliCare’s first deployment underway within JNC Technologies’ network.

JNC Technologies is an ideal corporate partner for InteliCare as we seek to execute our commercialisation strategy. One element of the strategy is to seek strong commercial partners. JNC has a very strong network in the aged care industry with customers seeking monitoring and predictive analytics solutions to deliver proactive care within their communities. Pleasingly after reviewing market options and even considering developing a platform themselves, JNC Technologies elected to enter into a reseller agreement with InteliCare demonstrating the value proposition of the InteliCare platform.”

JNC echoed the sentiment, stating: “This collaboration holds immense promise for both organisations and marks a significant milestone as we combine InteliCare’s robust software with our well-established market reach. We look forward to accelerating better outcomes for care providers, care workers, and those in need of care via our shared commitment to advancing aged care.’’

The partnership’s collaborative approach will facilitate the exchange of insights and market intelligence, further enhancing the success of the joint endeavour.

InteliCare and JNC Technologies Group are poised to support reshaping of the landscape of aged care, delivering innovative solutions that empower individuals and care providers alike.

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