Irene & Frank’s Story

Frank’s mum, Irene loves living at home. Irene likes staying independent, for instance cooking for herself and being part of her community. However, Frank and his sister began to worry about Mum’s wellbeing at home alone.

Frank and his sister live busy lives which makes it hard to constantly check-in on Mum. Anything can happen when you’re on your own and if Irene was to have a fall or if she had a problem, who would be there to help?


“Mum’s really happy being at home. For her she likes her independence. She loves living in her house. She wants to stay in the community as long as she can.” – Frank


The solution was InteliLiving

Irene installed InteliLiving in her home to share her activity and wellbeing information with her family. InteliLiving, designed to monitor elderly parents, uses non-invasive technology to learn your routines and send regular updates and alerts direct to your family.

Small smart home sensors installed around Irene’s home, in doorways and on key appliances void the needs for intrusive cameras or microphones.

Frank and his sister can now check-in on Mum at any time during the day. Daily updates confirm everything is OK and alerts flag potential problems that should be looked into.


“It gives my sister and I a lot of peace of mind. I’ve got enough worries in my life. To have one less is even better.” – Frank


A different sort of conversation

Thanks to InteliLiving and the InteliCare app, Irene can have a much different conversation with her family. Instead of calling to see if Mum is OK, Frank and his sister can call to talk about what’s happening in their lives and find out what’s happening in their Mums too because they already know that she’s active, cooking and moving around as usual.

By using InteliLiving, Irene’s family has peace of mind that wouldn’t be possible unless she moved into an aged care facility and lost her independence. Irene feels comfortable with the non-invasive sensors and more secure knowing her family can check-in on her 24-7, without feeling like she’s disturbing them.

InteliLiving is helping Irene extend time in her own home and delay moving to aged care, prematurely. The end result being Irene is happier and her family is happier, not having to worry about Mum all the time.

Irene talks about InteliLiving has changed her life in the video below.


“I love InteliLiving! Because I feel more secure.” – Irene


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