Today InteliCare announced a partnership with boutique, premium in-home aged care provider, Like our Own.
The partnership with Victoria-based care provider represents InteliCare’s further growth of its services nationally.

Like Our Own will utilise technology to innovate and increase their services by gaining a greater understanding of client needs and personalising their service offerings.

Using discreet camera-free sensors, artificial intelligence, and trend data InteliCare’s smart technology provides homecare and NDIS providers with deep client insights. Like our Own aims to use this technology to advance staff capabilities while identifying early signs of client deterioration.

The sensors will collect real-world evidence and display trend data on an easy-to-use dashboard. This will empower the home care provider to make data-driven decisions and take proactive steps in client care. This includes arranging targeted services and highly customised client actions.

InteliCare’s smart solution can also help address the workforce shortage, a universal challenge faced by the aged and disability care industry. By presenting client information in an evidence based and clear format, staff can make observations remotely at a glance and adapt care accordingly. Without InteliCare’s technology this service would have to be delivered with 24/7 staff rostering for each client. This is impossible, and costly, to achieve during a workforce shortage.

In addition to empowering staff to prioritise client care over administration and data entry tasks, this allows staff to achieve more, without increasing their workload. It gives Like Our Own the opportunity to expand their services through the enrolment of new clients.

These new clients may be attracted by Like Our Own’s new capabilities to grant unparalleled awareness via technology. InteliCare’s smart technology will be able to provide crucial wellness and activity information to home care provider client’s families. This is of particular benefit to those who cannot physically visit their elderly relatives due to physical distance or work commitments.

Alec Tarshis, CEO & Founder, Like Our Own, commented:

“Like Our Own continuously strives to champion Australia’s ageing population by empowering them to remain active members of the community, while continuing to explore their talents, passions, and skills. The integration of InteliCare’s smart technology moves us closer to this goal by arming us with the data needed to provide excellent client care. I look forward to seeing the positive results that this investment in innovation will have on our current and emerging clients.”

Jason Waller, CEO & Managing Director, InteliCare, says:

“This partnership is a further example of InteliCare’s ability to create efficacious solutions for home care providers across Australia. Our continuous investment in problem-solving technology, which is designed to combat industry-wide obstacles, ensures that we can secure nationwide partnerships with industry leaders such as Like Our Own.”