On the back of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak that is happening worldwide, Stockhead took a look at the Australian medical technology companies that are well placed to benefit from the increase in medtech and telehealth demand.

In the article, Stockhead identifies InteliCare in its top 5 companies and spoke with InteliCare Managing Director and CEO, Jason Waller, about how the product can support the elderly and people with disability, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our product was built specifically to foster the ability of people to independently live in their homes for longer. So a health crisis where you’re seeing imposed isolation or quarantine is right in its wheelhouse,”

Jason Waller

The InteliCare product enables seniors to share their wellbeing information with members of their care team, like family, friends, carers, aged services and Home Care Package providers. The care team will receive app notifications each day if everything is normal or when there’s a decline in the senior’s routine.

InteliCare lodged its prospectus with the ASIC in March and plans to accept bids until mid-May, with intentions to list on May 29. You can read the prospectus here.