In a market where the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the waters, InteliCare is one of three small caps that still have positive growth metrics. Stockhead spoke with the principal advisor of broking and wealth management firm Morgans, Chris Macdonald about to get his market insights. Here’s what Macdonald had to say about InteliCare.

“The reason I liked that business was that it’s a scalable technology that had a reason for being,” Mcdonald said. “It had a reason for being before COVID-19, but probably even more so because of it as well.”
“In my experience, anecdotally there’s very few stocks where you explain the model to someone and they quickly say yes, that makes sense.”
“And you want to buy these stocks when they’re genuinely pivoting from the trial stage to the commercialisation stage, and be there when revenue accelerates.”

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