InteliCare‘s CEO and Managing Director, Jason Waller, writes for The Australian on how innovative technology is the solution to Australia’s ageing population.

The Royal Commission has uncovered how broken the aged care system is with frightening stories and revelations of an overwhelmed and underresourced industry.

Jason writes that the structural and productivity problem in the aged care sector can be resolved with “smart” technology. InteliCare uses artificial intelligence to learn a person’s daily routine and alert carers and family members if there’s a deviation from that routine.

If a person is making fewer meals or not getting out of bed at the regular time, InteliCare will send an alert, allowing families and carers to address the need for more support before an accident happens. This is particularly beneficial to remote family members that are geographically close to their loved ones.

Read Jason’s full article on the state of aged care and future solutions.