This International Women’s Day we are encouraged to break the bias by elevating and advancing gender parity using technology, while celebrating women forging innovation.

Here’s how InteliCare is doing just that for the care industry:

Innovating the care industry using technology

Care is a female -dominated industry, with a 79% female workforce (WGEA, n.d.).

Anecdotally, female dominated industries face unconscious bias. They are not perceived to be as innovative as industries such as manufacturing, mining, and construction – all of which are male dominated.  (WGEA, n.d.).

Taking proactive steps to innovate with technology helps break the bias experienced by female-dominated industries.

By adopting the latest advancements in InteliCare’s leading-edge technology, organisations can promote themselves as early adopters and industry leaders. In turn, these organisations can alter the perception of the care industry to match these innovative steps.

Care providers who have already revolutionised their care services include Comfort Keepers, Eremea Home Care Services, St John of God and MercyCare.

These organisations are utilising InteliCare’s trend data, artificial intelligence, and sensor technology to enable a contemporary care model, based on evidence as well as anecdotal information.

Using technology to advance flexible working for care staff

Data collected from the Household, Income, Labour and Dynamics (HILDA) survey indicated that in 2016, working-aged women spent 11.3 unpaid hours per week directly caring for children and others.

To achieve this, women have been known to reduce their professional commitments due to the ongoing challenge of fulfilling care obligations and working a traditional 9-5 on-site role. This may result in limited career progression and reduced financial prospects.

By incorporating technology, employers can offer multiple forms of flexibility with adaptive hours of working. This ensures that the female employees can continue their work, without having to sacrifice personal commitments.

InteliCare empowers care providers to monitor and assess their clients remotely via the dashboard and mobile app. This enables the organisations to triage effectively, providing critical services where needed. This enables care teams to work in a remote and more flexible way.  The result? An improved level of service and personalised care, completed by team members who are able to work remotely.

Care leaders empowered to problem solve with technology

Female dominated industries, such as care, are underfunded and understaffed. Instead of waiting for someone to ‘rescue’ these industries, leaders within these organisations are stepping up and turning to technology to find innovative solutions to industry wide problems.

These problems include difficulty accessing home care package funds and a critical workforce shortage.

InteliCare’s trend data and sensor technology can assist in unlocking unspent homecare funds by identifying early indicators of client deterioration, which may otherwise go undetected This empowers home care providers with data rich evidence to prompt an increase in services and hours, personalised for that client.

Additionally, InteliCare’s technology can also combat the critical workforce shortage.

Based on demographic trends and projected aged care demands, Deloitte Access Economics estimate that Australia will need around 316,500 full-time equivalent direct care workers by 2050. This is just to maintain the current staffing levels – which are already overwhelmed. Catalyst Education, 2021.

Support for the depleted workforce can come from the adoption of technological innovation, rather than the constant quest for more hands-on deck.

InteliCare’s technology can reduce the workload of care staff through the automation of menial tasks and supporting the decision making of the staff for the welfare of their client. Notifications and alerts which allow for instant care triaging.

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