Quality life. Peace of mind.

Enabling families to stay connected

InteliCare is an innovative solution designed to enable seniors to safely remain in their own homes for longer.

InteliCare turns the home into a 'smart home'. It gets to know the household routine and can alert family or other caregivers if something is out of the ordinary.

For example, InteliCare understands normal get up time, meal preparation and sleep patterns. Understanding these routine activities enables InteliCare to detect potential issues and send notifications and alerts to family members or carers, allowing them to check-in if needed.

InteliCare works 24/7 to keep seniors safe. Unlike duress pendants that need to be worn at all times, InteliCare can raise issues or concerns automatically.

The InteliCare App keeps everyone informed of any events and lets everyone see who is responding to notifications.

InteliCare has been designed to be installed quickly and easily in any home with no modifications or electrical works required.

How it works.

From day one, InteliCare builds a profile of what a normal domestic routine looks like for each home. Using advanced analytics, the system can quickly identify when something unusual occurs, sending you notifications or alerts so family take action as needed.

What if something is wrong?

The tile view quickly shows you what InteliCare has detected.

Tap on 'Activity' for a detailed view of InteliCare insights, sensor status and activities details. For example, here you can see a drop in daily activity – this could be an indicator of illness or another issue. By tapping on climate, meals or domestic, you can quickly see the most recent information about these topics.

What if Intelicare detects a serious issue?

In the case where the system detects a serious issue such as failure to get out of bed or a duress pendant activation, InteliCare alerts carers and/or family through push messages to your smartphone as well as SMS alerts.

Opening the InteliCare app will provide extra detail for you to assess the seriousness of the issue.

If the person is unable to answer the phone, the app has an intercom feature to enable audio into the home via the InteliHub built in speaker and microphone.

For Seniors.

Ageing often brings with it new challenges to health and independence. The conventional solution, often at the prompting of family, is to consider a costly move into a retirement community or an aged care facility. This can be a difficult decision – moving out of your own home can be emotionally stressful, particularly when you want to retain your independence and are confident in your ability to take care of yourself.

InteliCare allows you to stay safely in your own home for longer while providing your family peace of mind. If there is an issue, you can feel confident that InteliCare is looking out for you and will let family or carers know.

For Families.

As a family member, you understandably have concerns as to how long a loved one can remain safely independent at home. Many seniors would prefer to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. The subject of a transfer into an aged facility can be a source of angst and financial concern for the whole family.

Installing InteliCare into the residence is a simple task that one of our expert teams can undertake with minimal disruption. Once complete, you can check that your loved ones are OK as often as you wish via our easy-to-use mobile application – and if something unusual does occur, you will be alerted via our InteliCare App and can take the appropriate action.

InteliCare understands when something changes, so emerging issues can be identified and acted upon early. For example, if sleeping patterns change, the cause can be determined and addressed before it becomes a larger problem.

Also, multiple family members and authorised care providers can use our app at the same time – ensuring that someone is always available to make sure everything is OK, even when you can't be there.

InteliCare also allows you to send text messages that are displayed on the InteliHub screen. You can use this feature to send reminders for tasks or appointments as well as personal messages.

InteliCare is keeping families connected.

At InteliCare, we pride ourselves on leading the way in the field of intelligent seniors support technology. Our strong partnerships with health agencies and industry stakeholders has allowed us to build the most comprehensive, smart home care solution on the market today.

Product Features
Household routine profiling
Real time event and response tracking
Intercom for emergency contact
In-home text messaging and reminders
Safety lighting and smoke alarm
Third party duress pendant integration

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