We have taken further steps to improve InteliCare’s user experience with insights and trends updates that revolutionise the InteliCare mobile app.

InteliCare app features: Insights

Enabled insights will now take centre stage within the app, giving users at-a-glance access to the most critical information.
Now, enabled insights are ordered on the home menu to place orange and red insights at the top. This empowers caregivers to instantly see what requires their attention.

For InteliCare households, (the person who has InteliCare installed in their residence) this provides additional peace of mind that InteliCare is empowering their caregivers with information to detect and prevent incidents.

InteliCare app features: Trends

InteliCare mobile app with trends
Previously only available on InteliCare’s dashboard platform, InteliCare’s trends feature is now included in the mobile app.
This allows caregivers to see an instant overview of the household, to get a better understanding of their health and wellbeing.

InteliCare app features: Medicine tracking

The new medicine tracking feature helps app users understand when medicine has been accessed by displaying data and analysing trends. The feature also has the capability to inform care givers of missed medication or potential overuse, allowing them to take proactive action.

This feature helps remove the ambiguity of anecdotal medication tracking, without compromising an individual’s independence and privacy.

Getting started

These features are only available on the new InteliCare mobile app. Current app users can access this by downloading the new InteliCare mobile app for free via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and logging in using their InteliCare username and password.

Additional information about the InteliCare app can be found here.