I’m a senior Australian living on my own in a house, supported by family and a range of services available through a Commonwealth Home Care Package. The InteliLiving system is a great way of ensuring that I can receive timely support if anything should go amiss. I know it gives my adult children, especially Shane, who lives close by, much comfort to know that they’ll be contacted really quickly if there’s any sign that I’m not following my usual routines around the house. It’s great to know that I don’t even have to be conscious to get help, unlike other medic alert systems. Even if were to I pass out, InteliLiving will kick into action and help will soon be on the way.

– Mrs Negus, Beverley, WA


InteliLiving has offered great peace of mind for me and my siblings, knowing that Mum’s movements 24/7 are being monitored for any signs of deviation from her usual routines. We appreciate the notices of concern we’ve received from time to time, all of which have luckily turned out to be nothing serious – they are very reassuring to receive!

– Anthony, Mrs Negus’s son