InteliCare CEO, Jason Waller, joined the Evenings with Matthew Pantelis radio show to discuss proposed aged care overhaul.

Although the Labor party’s aged care policies have potential, staff shortages are in the way of the promised overhaul of the sector.

‘Fundamentally we have a problem with not enough staff in the (aged care) industry. What we’d like to see is, rather than throwing more money at the problem, is using technology to enable staff to work smarter, not just harder.’ – Jason Waller

A promised $2.5 billion overhaul of the sector includes requiring a registered nurse to be on site 24 hours a day. In addition, Labor plans to mandate that every Australian living in aged care receives a minimum of 215 minutes of care per day, as recommended by the royal commission into the sector.

These promises cannot be achieved without addressing the critical staffing shortage. Injecting cash without a plan to innovate will not solve the aged care crisis.

Listen to the full interview below (interview begins at 01:00).

The interview first aired on Evenings With Matthew Pantelis show. 23.05.22