Rosa & Tony’s Story

After Rosa’s husband passed away, she began living alone. Her wish was to remain living in her home as she had for the past 42 years.

Her son, Tony, is a nurse who works on a fly-in-fly-out roster and his priority was to ensure his mum was safe even when he couldn’t physically check in with her.

While independent living was important to both Rosa and her family, they were worried that if Rosa had a fall, no one would know.

Rosa and Tony


The Solution was InteliLiving

InteliLiving is a non-invasive assisted technology that monitors Rosa’s routine and sends alerts to her family when it notices something out of the ordinary. This means Rosa can continue living in her home and doesn’t need to sell her house and move into aged care.

Tony and his brother use the InteliLiving app to check-in on their mum whenever they please. They can view her activities for the day and see whether she has gone out, or if she has made meals for herself.

The biggest benefit is that Tony can still make sure Rosa is safe even when he is working away. This gives the family peace of mind knowing she is okay, and Rosa doesn’t feel like her privacy is being invaded.

Rosa enjoys being able to cook for herself, tend to her garden and look after her chooks, with the added reassurance that her family can check-in on her from anywhere at any time.


Watch Tony Talk About How InteliLiving Has Given His Mum the Confidence to Remain at Home


A Simple Set-Up That Gives the Whole Family Confidence

Tony notes that the app is simple to use and doesn’t require advanced technical skills.

The app’s quite simple to use. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge or IT sense. The good thing about it as well is that every day, at 10 o’clock in the morning, we get a notification that says everything appears normal at Rosa’s home.

My work takes me away; I work on a FIFO roster. Certainly, when I’m away, the app gives me that satisfaction to know that mum’s doing well. I can view the app at any time to see what her status is.

She likes the fact that we’re pretty much on top of what’s happening with her. She feels safe.

– Tony, Rosa’s son

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