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Matt De Boer, professional athlete, AFL footballer, and member of the GWS Giants leadership team talks about how InteliCare helped him, his family and his nan, Lois.



In 2019, I had InteliLiving installed for my nan, Lois, over in Perth. Although nan was a little bit worried about the installation of sensors, she quickly found that it didn’t affect her day-to-day at all, and they were actually very subtle, so she wasn’t too concerned there.

We found as a family it mentally helped us coordinate our care, even for me here in Sydney. I could check in and make sure she was all fine and helped us take action if there was ever a need.

It made a really big difference for our family.

– Matt de Boer, GWS Giant


Matt is also a Non-Executive Director of InteliCare prior to listing, here’s what he has to say about working with InteliCare in a recent interview with:

InteliCare is a WA-based health technology company aimed at supporting an ageing person’s decision to remain at home for as long as possible. I was introduced to the company through a mentor of mine at Perth’s Discovery Capital and in my role I am stimulated and forced to grow and learn continually. I get to do this while working with a small elite team with a common purpose in mind; not too dissimilar from a professional sports team!