The royal commission into aged care has uncovered the increasing shortage of aged care services for an ageing population. In a recent interview with Business News, InteliCare CEO, Jason Waller explains how InteliCare is offering a solution to a fast-growing problem for Australians.

The baby-boomer generation is heading into retirement and will soon be requiring aged care support from the government, but without enough services available for everyone, boomers will need to consider funding and supporting their own ageing with options that can keep them independent and at home for longer. This is where InteliCare’s technology solution can help.

InteliCare’s home monitoring and advanced analytics enables seniors to remain in their homes for longer and gives families peace of mind that they’re still active and social.

Now that InteliCare is an approved NDIS provider and Home Care Package product, seniors will be able to receive funding to pay for InteliCare.

Read the full interview with Jason Waller to learn about InteliCare’s solution for seniors ageing at home.