InteliCare has received the highest number of votes on the WA Government’s iThink website, showing support from the public for the smart technology supporting seniors ageing at home.

The iThink website receives new innovative ideas from businesses and the public that will support the WA Governments COVID-19 response. Site visitors are then encouraged to vote for the best ideas.

InteliCare’s home product, that supports seniors and people with a disability to live independently in their home, allows people to share their wellbeing information with their family or carer. The information is received in an app and can let people know that their loved one is ok or send an alert if there’s a change in their normal behaviour.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, InteliCare offers a solution to families that can’t visit their parents or grandparents. By installing InteliCare’s smart home sensors, families can keep an eye on the senior’s wellbeing while adhering to social distancing.

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